Meeting with Chaplains

The invitation extended to the Chaplains read as follows: “UUCSA is hosting a ‘meeting of chaplains’ from the SANDF, DCS, and SAPS. The purpose of the get together is to forge ties with chaplain services from the various departments so that:

  • The distinct needs of Muslims serving in the various departments could be discussed
  • We could establish contact at regional levels
  • We could lend support to the various services where possible
  • Discuss career opportunities within the respective departments

The meeting focussed on the following:
• Dietary Needs
• Prayer facilities
• Adequate ablution facilities
• Dress Code for males and females
• Ramadhan requirements
• Provision for the Friday Prayer

The lack of adequate provision for Muslims discourages them from seeking a career path within the security and correctional service clusters.

Ml Ahmed Namuthumba representing the Muslim Prisons Board spoke of the activities of the MPB and highlighted some of the challenges it faced in rehabilitating inmates. He said that the primary function of the MPB was to provide the necessary support to protect the faith of inmates and to facilitate their religious needs. Ml stated that it cost the State R380 per day for each of the 160 000 inmates that are currently incarcerated. The rehabilitation of prisoners comes at a huge cost to the State. The prisons are a reflection of the state of society in general.