Banquet For Muslim Ambassadors

The purpose of the get together was to forge ties and build bridges given that we are all part of a universal ummah characterised by a distinct Brotherhood of Believers. The invitation to the Ambassadors read as follows:

“…Globalisation has reduced the world to a virtual village, wherein what happens in one part of the globe impacts on everyone else living in the virtual village. There is thus a need for us to harness the immense potential offered by globalisation, to reach out to each other in the hope of building a stronger and more unified ‘Brotherhood of Believers’. “

“As a Muslim minority living in a predominantly non- Muslim country, we draw immense encouragement from the camaraderie of the  global Muslim populace. The need for networking, collaboration and cooperation in an era characterised by growing challenges becomes imperative if we are to adequately rise to the challenges we face as Muslims across the globe and ethnic divide.

The banquet is but a humble endeavour from UUCSA to host you as guests of the mainstream Ulama fraternity of South Africa….”

The following embassies responded to the UUCSA invitation:
1 Turkey
2 Jordan
3 Palestine
4 Sudan
5 S Arabia
6 Mauritania
7 Nigeria
8 Egypt
9 Gambia