UUCSA in conjunction with AWQAF SA looked at the possibility of undertaking a survey to determine Muslim charity in South Africa. We met with a company called Social Surveys


Africa to develop and implement a measurement framework that will be able to quantitatively measure Muslim giving and volunteering in South Africa. In a general study of volunteering and giving undertaken by Social Surveys Africa in 2013, the extent of individual giving by Muslims was considerably higher than any other religious denomination. The survey was aimed at:
1. 1 Quantifying Giving: How big is the annual monetary, material and time contribution of the Muslim community to social development? According to what demographic and social variables does giving vary (e.g. age, gender, education level, ethnic background, income level, level of religiosity, etc.)?

2. 2 Sources of Social Investment: What are the main sources and channels of
Muslim social investment and giving?

3. 3 Forms of Giving: What are the respective sizes of contributions in money, in kind and through volunteering time? What is the respective significance of different forms of religious giving

4. 4 How much of the contribution is retained in the Muslim community and how much benefits the wider South African community

5. 5 How much of the funds remain in the country and how much leaves the country?